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TransFolio – centrally managed ticketing system

  • Multimodal, interoperable, multi-operator
  • Advanced customisation
  • Web interface, simple and ergonomic
  • High performance



  • The awareness of increased travel congestion and pollution in cities is forcing authorities to rethink how they analyse and manage urban mobility with an aim of giving priority to public transport
  • TransFolio is an integrated platform that provides the information required to better understand and improve transport operations
  • At the leading edge of technology and conceived to take up 21st century transport policy challenges, TransFolio is multimodal, multi-operator and interoperable. It offers a large range of tools to cities and operators to allow them to manage their infrastructure and teams to:
    • Ensure the availability of services
    • Reduce operating costs
    • Facilitate accounting and payment processing
  • TransFolio is a mobility management solution that combines the power of new computer technologies and the flexibility of well-proven standards

Multimodal, Multi-operator, Interoperable

  • All the services needed to guarantee continuity of the activities linked to urban transport facilities
  • Designed for multi-operator environments and an open solution for multimodal schemes
  • Management of the distribution of access rights to data, complex sales, sharing of topographical and fare data between servers


  • N-level architecture, multi-services, multi-tasking, adaptable and flexible
  • Light client Graphical User Interface, possibility to create portlets as direct views on the dashboard

Simple and ergonomic

  • Visual tools, graphical indicators, search criteria, and business links between the different functional modules
  • Statistical tools, thanks to Extraction Transform and Loading (ETL) data extractions and Business Objects reporting
  • Import / export advanced features

Scalable and long-lasting

  • Designed to meet high standards and best practices, automatic tests with the Concordion tool suite
  • Monitoring of all Parkeon equipment and third party infrastructure built on this open source platform

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Technical Data

  • Security
  • Eco-conception
  • Smart Investments
  • Robustness
  • Customer Management
  • Cards Management
  • Setting Fares
  • Tracking Statistics and Accounts
  • Topography
  • Technical Parameters and Monitoring
  • Asset Management
  • Stock Management
  • Secure Application Module (SAM) Management
  • Remote Sales Facility