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ToDler® Kiosk

The small footprint, fast printing, ToDler® Kiosk

  • RSP approved, ultrafast print, collect Ticket on Departure, ToD kiosk
  • Installed and working in stations across the UK
  • Installed and working in off-station locations (universities, airports, corporates)
  • Small, attractive and user-friendly
  • Simple to install
  • Cuts queues at conventional TVMs
  • Now available with the option of ‘walk up’ ticket vending, using bank card or smart card


ToDler® Kiosk

From online to on-train…

ToDler® from Parkeon is setting the pace for the fast collection of internet booked rail tickets – on-platform and in off-station spaces.
With a print speed up to 3 times faster than conventional TVMs and a small footprint, ToDler® is the new generation, RSP approved, ToD collect-only approach to cutting queues and optimising retail space.

ToDler® has been purpose-built to help Train Operating Companies improve their retail strategies. ToDler’s compact size, ease of installation and attractive design means it can be used to optimise available in-station floor space, whilst its ability to be sited in ‘off-station’ locations such as shopping centres, universities, military establishments and large corporate headquarters, adds to its commercial proposition.
The kiosk meets growing demand for the efficient collection of tickets bought online before departure, and is proven to be extremely effective in cutting waiting times at conventional retail TVMs.

ToDler® Plus

Parkeon and Sagem Monetel have worked together to provide a bank card payment kit, responding to the latest security requirements. This partnership brings together the experience of Parkeon in the mass transit business and the experience of SAGEM in the POS (Point Of Sales) terminals business.
The result of this partnership is the creation of 2 products:
A card reader
A PIN pad keyboard
These devices are 100% DDA compliant.

  • All the security components are located in a zone protected by intrusion detectors
  • Anti-drilling net protection
  • Monitoring of voltage and temperature
  • In case of intrusion detection:
  • The secret keys are automatically and immediately erased
  • A special message is displayed on the PIN pad LCD screen and the keypad is locked
  • Any software downloads are forbidden


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