• Pay On Foot Parking system
  • Pay On Foot Parking System
  • pay on foot parking system
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Varioflex Pay On Foot Parking System

Pay On Foot Parking System

  • Our Varioflex Pay On Foot parking system – uses proven, high performance technology.  Pay stations now accept new £1 coin.
  • Integrates vehicle sensors with entry and exit terminals with barriers and a choice of parking payment options
  • Payment for parking can be performed either at our Pay Stations or via mobile phone using the Whoosh! APP
  • Database generates detailed reports
  • Fully integrated ANPR (ticket matching, automatic subscriber control, pre-booking etc)



The Varioflex pay on foot parking system uses high performance technology and has a proven track record of reliability. offering:-

  • A choice of barriers
  • Entry and exit dispensing/accepting terminals
  • Convenient choice of parking payment – end-users can either pay via one of our pay stations before exiting or via mobile phone (Whoosh!) – before, during or at the end of their parking period
  • A control and management system that can be applied locally or remotely


  • Our pay on foot, off street parking system provides remote access to system diagnostics, functions and data management
  • Remote configuration, including amendment to tariffs
  • Fully integrated ANPR (ticket matching, automatic subscriber control, pre-booking etc.)
  • Configurable limits can be set to control vehicle numbers into the car park
  • Choice of parking payment, motorists can either pay via our Pay Stations or our mobile phone parking payment, Whoosh!
  • Varioflex database provides comprehensive, detailed reports

Payment Procedure

  • Before exiting the car park, motorists must pay for their parking period via mobile phone payment – Whoosh! – or by payment station
  • Motorists who have paid via payment station, pay the displayed fee and use the exit ticket issued to vacate the car park
  • Those who opt to pay via Whoosh! can either pre-pay online, by phone, by text or use the APP.  There is no requirement to be an account holder to use and pay via Whoosh!  Once they have completed their transaction they are free to exit the car park

Varioflex Database and Reports

  • Activity reports – provide a summary of the activity in a car park
  • Varioflex reports can also be exported to third party software and captured by day, car park, device and by ticket type
  • Multiple statistical reports linked to operational performance including; car park occupancy level, amounts paid and parking times and distribution of payment methods

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  • Varioflex Pay Station

    Motorists can choose to pay for their parking before exiting the car park via our Varioflex Pay Station. Features easy to use, intuitive interface and a large, colour screen.

  • Whoosh! Mobile Parking Payment

    Add Whoosh! mobile phone parking payment, to provide motorists with an additional cashless way to pay for parking.

  • Entry/Exit Terminals

    Situated at the entry and exit of the car park.