• pay and display parking machine
  • pay and display parking machine
  • pay and display parking machine
  • pay and display parking machine
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Strada Evolution

Strada Evolution Parking Machine

  • Strada Evolution parking machine – offers choice of capacitive keyboard enabling it to be used as part of a Pay and Display, Pay by Plate or Pay by Space parking management solution
  • The Strada Evolution is an environmentally friendly– recyclable & solar powered parking payment machine
  • Multiple payment methods are available including contactless and Applepay
  • Compact and cost-effective parking machine
  • Now accepts new £1 coin


Our Strada Evolution parking machine provides a wide range of innovative functions. It also provides a platform that is readily upgradeable for new payment methods, e.g. Chip & PIN bank card payment with contactless option.  The Strada Evolution can be used as a pay and display parking machine or as part of our Minipark ANPR parking system.


  • Compact structure resistant to vandalism and fraud
  • Highly secure locking mechanisms for access to compartments
  • Protected against fraudulent access to sensitive financial data and theft of stored revenue

Easy Collection

  • Transfer or exchangeable coin box available for cash collection
  • Highly secure compartmental key access
  • Fast and safe removal and replacement of coin boxes

User Friendly Interface

  • The Strada parking machine has been carefully designed to optimise the end user experience, with menu driven operations

Choice of Payment

  • Wide range of payment methods
  • Coin payment – highly reliable and patented coins selector design
  • Highly secure bank card payment (credit and debit card) with PIN entry regulated by EMV 2000, PCI PTS, Mifare, ISO 14443, NFC


  • Upgrade kits available

Cost effective

  • The Strada parking machine can be remotely maintained and managed

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  • on street parking management

    Choose cash collection method

    - Transfer (fixed cashbox with removable canister) or
    - Rapide (exchangeable cashbox)

  • on street parking management

    Choice of power supply

    - Solar
    - Mains

  • on street parking management

    Choose Terminal color

    - Sterling grey
    - Titanium grey
    - Moss green
    - Magic blue
    -Jet Black

  • Customer payment options

    Cashless version
    Contact & contactless payment kits

  • on street parking management

    Safe & secure

    Detects attacks
    Resistant to vandalism & fraud

  • Parking management options

    Pay & display
    Pay by plate
    Pay by space
    Pay by zone