• parking space management
  • parking space management
  • parking space management
  • parking space management

PAL Services

Parking Space Management Solution

  • Parking Space Management Solution – improve mobility in towns and cities with ID-based services
  • Allows you to allocate preferential parking rights and rates to each user group
  • Encourages greater compliance with parking policies
  • Helps to reduce congestion in towns and cities



Parkeon’s ID PAL services helps Local Authorities and/or Parking Operators manage access to parking services through variable identification options which include; personal ID, space allocation and vehicle license plate number.

Parkeon’s ‘ID-PAL ecosystem’ offers the tools to set and refine parking usage linked to license plate or subscriber identity.  Motorists access these preferential parking rights by entering their identification details using mobile APP’s or via nearby parking payment terminals.

Centralised Pay & Display With Number Plate Recognition

Using license plate ID, preferential parking rights can be assigned such as; tariff, time-of-date or employer group.  Access to these parking services are controlled by reference to subscription data captured in the parking management information system.  This is a particularly useful parking control and enforcement system for Hospitals and Universities.

Multiple Additional Innovative Services

Parkeon PAL Services enables Local Authorities and Parking Operators to implement different rules and strategies, using a structure based on geographical zones and multiple payment channels.

PAL Extension

Payment for additional parking time can be made from other parking payment terminals in any location.

PAL Free Time

This free initiative encourages short-stay parking. Splittable free parking times to manage short stay parking and encourage the acceptance of regulated parking rules.

• Gives drivers free parking time – once or several times per day
• Requires users to identify themselves to avoid the service being misused
• The user profile is registered by the local authority, University or Parking Operator
• The driver is identified on the parking payment device (terminal, internet, mobile phones, etc.) via their license plate details

PAL Rotation

With PAL Rotation, the authorised parking period will be limited to the time set-up and permitted by your rotation parking policy. When their time expires, motorists must leave the parking zone so that it becomes available to other users.

• A preferential parking ticket is only granted for a single vehicle, identified by its license plate number, in a single geographic area
• Rules can be set – according to the zone, day of the week and time of day
• The driver is identified on the parking payment device (terminal, internet, mobile phones, etc.) via their license plate details
• The pay station dispenses a parking receipt for a duration limited to the time allowed under the forced rotation policy

PAL Subscribers

Flexible parking rights for different registered user profiles, enabling people to park close to their home or their destination (shops, tourist attraction, etc) while encouraging visitors to park for only short periods within a set timescale.

These and other PAL ID services can be combined, customised and integrated to meet the zone requirements and specific needs of different user groups – all transacted and controlled via a centralised management system hosted by Parkeon.


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