• parking equipment upgrade
  • parking equipment upgrade
  • parking equipment upgrade
  • parking equipment upgrade

Upgrade Kits

Parking Equipment Upgrade – offers flexibility and future-proofing

  • Parking equipment upgrade kits allow you to add new services with ease without having to purchase brand new parking terminals
  • Upgrade your terminal screen to colour
  • Add more payment choices
  • Implement the cloud platform – offer end-users additional products & services
  • Upgrade your terminal keyboard
  • Add barcode printer – allowing you to offer motorists parking discounts and redemption


Upgrade kits – improve the users’ experience of your terminals

Our parking upgrade kits are designed to offer flexibility and future-proofing. Our equipment can be upgraded as and when required, no matter the age of installed machines. This enables innovative, new services to be introduced to users without having to purchase new hardware, enhancing flexibility whilst lowering equipment and maintenance costs.

Extended capacitive keyboard offers additional functionality

  • Facilitates quick and easy entry of any alpha or alpha numeric information
  • Handles personalised codes or identification numbers so end-users can have access to parking privileges
  • Optional barcode reader may be integrated into the front of the terminal to enable parking tickets to be printed with barcodes which customers can provide to nominated shops for parking discount or redemption

Colour Screens

  • Our T-PAL module allows you to easily upgrade your Strada terminal screen to colour
  • Customisable screens – enabling you to offer end-users a range of advanced parking, sales or public and information services
  • Superior ergonomics minimises queuing at terminals

Add The Cloud Platform

  • Enhances parking terminals – allows you to offer end-users discounts or vouchers at local shops and businesses
  • Remotely upload and update parking terminals with tariff changes, public and tourist information, tickets for events, etc


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  • Extended Capacitive Keyboards

    Upgrade your keyboard to an alpha,numeric keyboard to allow number plate entry.

  • T-PAL Module

    Easily upgrade your existing Strada monochrome screen to colour with our T_PAL module.

  • Contactless Payments

    Add additional payment methods to your existing Strada terminal - providing end-users with maximum convenience.

  • Barcode printer

    Add a barcode printer to enable you to offer motorists parking discounts and/or redemptions