Parkeon Managed Services

Parkeon Managed Services

  • Host and manage your complete Fare Collection Back Office with Parkeon Managed Services
  • Provides easy access to an advanced, scalable and reliable IT infrastructure
  • Services tailored to your individual needs
  • Full access to all your configuration and reporting


Parkeon Managed Services

Parkeon Managed Services can host and manage your Fare Collection Back Office Systems, removing the capital and ongoing running costs of providing advanced and reliable IT infrastructure and services – you only pay for what you use.

The types and levels of service can be tailored to your individual needs and will provide full access to fares / system configuration and financial information without the need to support the back office infrastructure.

Hosting Services include:

Administration and 24 hour Monitoring of Services
Tailored Baseline Hardware
Secure Managed Environment
High Speed Internet Connectivity
Guaranteed Availability of >= 99.5%
Full Disaster Recovery Off-site with Backup
Dual Power Source Services with UPS
Accredited to:

iso9001  iso14001  iso27001

Managed Services include:

Remedial and Ongoing Software Maintenance of Parkeon Applications
Performance Monitoring
Monitoring of Application Functionality and Operation
Customer Assistance and Support
Financial Reporting
Device Configuration Management
Administration of Users and Installed Equipment
System and O/S Updates

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