Parkeon CCTV

Integrated Surveillance Solutions for public transport

  • 8, 12 or 16 independent video channels
  • Removable Drive or Wireless Download options
  • Ticket Machine interface to provide more specific information
  • User-friendly Back Office Software
  • Simple plug and play





  • 264 compression for highest quality image recording
  • Compact and integrated one box solution
  • Built-in power supply, timer shutdown, microphone pre-amp and 3 axis G-Sensor
  • Up to 1.5TB recording media with additional backup SD card
  • Removable, fully suspended hard drive for long-term reliability
  • Transport for London approved

Designed for use in mass transit public transport vehicles

Working with the leading CCTV designers and manufacturers in the industry for over 10 years, Parkeon continues to redefine on-vehicle surveillance in the passenger transport industry.

The latest technology provides operators with links to other on-vehicle devices, such as CAN bus, Brake & Indicators, 3 axis G-Force, Ticketing Data and can stream real time images over mobile data communication networks. These interfaces provide a complete picture of the incidents that occur either with passengers or other vehicles. The combination of fully suspended hard disk for shock protection and dual recording capability to SD card, ensures critical video footage is always available.

The Parkeon CCTV systems provide high frame rate, market leading DVD standard quality images for up to 16 cameras per vehicle. Equally as important is the ability to download images via Wireless LAN, 3G, USB or Ethernet, making the system truly flexible for all operator sizes and requirements.

Parkeon’s high quality installation and hardware support services is provided by our own nationwide service network.

Derived from Parkeon expertise

Capitalizing on industrial capabilities and our own in-house software expertise accrued through 35 years of on-bus system, Parkeon is uniquely positioned to offer fully integrated CCTV and ETM solutions to bus operators. Parkeon’s unique Back Office Software provides status, video availability, driver and bus performance reporting in addition to monitoring incidents and fraud protection.

Benefits for operators


Before the release of any variant, a rigorous testing programme exposes the model to extremes of temperature, shock, vibration and severe magnetic fields providing a robust solution for the bus industry.

Image Retrieval

There is a choice of fast and convenient means of retrieving images
Wireless LAN
SD Card
USB to Laptop/PC
Transfer to a portable storage device
(USB CD/DVD writer or Flash Disk

Easy Image Viewing and Analysis

Set-up, administration, system status & depot infrastructure reporting, review of recordings and export of recorded material is by means of easy-to-use client software designed for simple click to operate use.

Combined Service Support

Existing Parkeon ETM users can benefit from combined CCTV and ETM maintenance.




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