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  • city connector
  • on street parking management
  • on street parking management
  • on street parking management


On and Off Street Parking Management

  • Multi-services Kiosk – StradaPAL – provides point of sale, information & payment services
  • Versatile – can be used to sell tickets to a variety of attractions and services, including ferry tickets
  • Features 7″ colour screen.  Now accepts new £1 coin
  • Flexible applications – on-and-off street, P&D or ANPR systems
  • Accepts coin, card and contactless payments
  • Choice of capacitive keyboard – Pay and Display, Pay by Plate and Pay by Space


Offers functionality to enhance your parking solution into a multi-purpose sales and information channel

Our advanced parking payment machine gives you greatly enhanced software, large colour screens, extended keyboards and the power of cloud-computing . It is now more than just a parking machine, in addition to creating revenue from parking payment, it can also provide the platform to communicate to motorists and pedestrians.

User friendly interface

  • Large, full colour screen make terminals user-friendly
  • Animated pictograms, text and dynamic menus guide users through the complete transaction process
  • Customisable keyboards allow you to offer end-users added value subscription based services and privileges (please refer to our PAL services)
  • Accepts coin, card and contactless payments – providing optimum user convenience

Cloud computing provides improved functionality

  • Our cloud system lets Operators remotely change tariffs or upload additional services to terminals without personnel having to go into the field
  • The StradaPAL colour screen combined with our “cloud services”  provides a platform which enables easy and quick creation and deployment of imaginative, added-value online services which motorists and pedestrians can have easy access to

Cost effective

  • Easy to maintain with real-time remote notification of alarms and alerts
  • Remote communication enables fast changes to rates, messages, and ticket layout without field support
  • Compact structure – resistant against vandalism and fraud
  • Improves compliance and increase revenues

Proven security

  • StradaPAL parking machine has an anti-theft system with clamping nuts
  • Double walled cashbox with additional shielding, made like a safe
  • Attack detection function
  • Highly secure system protected against fraudulent access to sensitive data


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  • on street parking management

    Choose cash collection method

    Transfer (fixed cashbox with removable canister) or
    Rapide (exchangeable cashbox)

  • on street parking management

    Choice of power supply


  • on street parking management

    Choose Terminal colour

    Sterling grey
    Titanium grey
    Moss green
    Magic blue
    Jet Black

  • Customer payment options

    Contact & Contactless

  • on street parking management

    Safe & secure

    Detects attacks
    Resistant to vandalism & fraud

  • Parking management options

    Pay & display
    Pay by plate
    Pay by space
    Pay by zone