Merit software is an innovative state-of-the-art Central Management Information System for the analysis of Wayfarer ticket machine data.

Regional Managers through to Central Office Administrators and Directors can query Merit data, which is held securely on a central server.



Merit uses the industry standard Microsoft® SQL Server™ and has multi-terabyte data storage capabilities. It has been designed from the outset to allow fast access to Garages/Depots/Regions, which enables reporting across the whole organisation, achieving seamless and continuous operation.


  • The Merit System consists of a Server and Client configuration and is supplied with a number of administration tools and reports as standard. Report parameters are individually selectable and retained for each user.
  • No separate run-time software is required to produce reports as Merit comes with a set of data “views” that allow simple access to the data on the server, without prior knowledge of how the information is stored.
  • In addition, the process of producing ad hoc reports and queries is made simpler by the Merit Database which is fully ODBC compliant.

Fully Configurable

Access to the Merit client software is restricted by login name and password, and once logged in, the user is only able to see applications, pages and commands for their current access level.

The system is also fully configurable for multiple operators, so a common central database can be filtered such that each operator can only see their data.

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