• ANPR parking system
  • ANPR parking system
  • ANPR Parking System
  • ANPR parking sytem
  • ANPR parking system
  • mobile phone parking payment
  • off street parking management

MiniPark ANPR Parking System

ANPR Parking System, with and without barriers

  • ANPR parking system which includes barriers or not
  • Ticketless, car parking system for user-convenience
  • Choice of payment – motorists can pay via their online account, by parking machine or by mobile phone
  • Subscriber-friendly – motorists with online accounts can simply drive in and drive out
  • Scalable, flexible and versatile
  • New – optional extra – ‘white-label’ parking payments website



ANPR, ticketless, barrier controlled parking solution

Minipark is an innovative, versatile off street parking solution, perfect for managing different user groups.

The ticketless, Automatic Number Plate Recognition parking system integrates vehicle sensors, license plate recognition cameras and barriers on entry/exit lanes. Motorists are required to pay before exiting the car park via:-

  • Parking terminal –  StradaPAL or Galexio
  • Whoosh! – mobile payment APP
  • Online account – our brand new ‘white label’ parking payment website can be branded to match the corporate identity of customers

This low investment package is convenient for end-users and helps improve traffic flow in towns and cities.  Minipark can be designed to suit the specific functional, budgetary and commercial criteria of individual car parks.

MiniPARK comprises well-proven and reliable equipment:-

  • Choice of barriers
  • Choice of parking payment terminal – either the StradaPAL or Galexio.  In addition, alternative complimentar payment methods are available
  • A control and management system operated locally and remotely, with camera for ANPR and recording of a visual image of the vehicle
  • Magnetic detection sensors

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Tutorial step by step

  • A vehicle stops in front of the entrance, just before the barrier.  The sensor detects its presence and a dedicated camera automatically recognises and records the number plate, date and time of entry.  The remote management system captures the data provided by the camera and enters it into the database.  If already registered, the subscriber’s membership information and reservation data are added.  The entrance barrier rises allowing the driver access to the car park.  The barrier lowers automatically, once a vehicle passes the safety sensor.

    Drivers of vehicles registered with an online account can enter and exit nominated car parks unimpeded. Parking charges are automatically debited from their nominated credit/debit cards at regular intervals via an online account.


  • MiniPark is enabled to accept multiple payment methods as Parking Operators move towards ticketless solutions.

    3 simple ways to pay:

    • Online account – Set-up an account online for automatic parking payments

    • Payment machine – Pay at machine using contactless,Chip & PIN or cash

    • Mobile payments – Pay with your mobile phone or tablet using the Whoosh! app

  • A vehicle stops at the exit, just before the barrier.  The sensor detects its presence and the dedicated camera
    verifies the number plate against payment information, or the listing of the vehicle on the database (e.g. subscribers). The management system validates correct payment, or entitlement to park without payment to enable exit.The exit barrier rises, allowing the driver to leave the car park. The barrier lowers automatically once a vehicle passes the safety sensor.



  • Galexio Pay Station

    Select the Galexio Pay Station to integrate with our Minipark system. It features a colour, touch screen and accepts, coin, cash, card and contactless payments.

  • StradaPAL parking terminal

    Alternatively, select our StradaPAL terminal (integrates with Minipark). This parking machine features a 7" colour screen. Choose from a standard or customised capacative keyboard.

  • Whoosh! Mobile Parking Payment

    Whoosh! integrates with our Minipark solution, thereby providing motorists with an additional, convenient, cashless way to pay for parking.

  • 'White label' parking payment website

    Online accounts - motorists can choose to pay for their parking via an online account - our brand new 'white label' parking payment website can be branded to match the corporate identity of customers.