The multimodal platform facilitates access to public transportation

Buying tickets for public transportation is often a time-consuming experience, whether you are waiting in line or buying tickets from the bus driver. There are so many situations that slow down the use of public transit. Parkeon is giving you the chance to connect pay stations to transit ticketing systems, so that they can all become points of sale directly.

  1.  Users can also access a wide range of information related to transportation services, for instance, providing the user with available modes of transportation, geolocation, timetables, dynamic plans of transport networks, etc.
  2. Ultimately, this system benefits everyone. With the addition of a multimodal platform the citizens are reacquainted with public transportation and does not limit the existing equipment to just the use of the car.
  3. The parking pay station enables users to pay for their parking and/or purchase a public transportation ticket.
  4. The multi-space meter sets the fares, coordinates the payment and encodes the card. Therefore another outlet for the user to reload their smart cards.