Upgrade kits can improve the users’ experience of your terminals

In our brave new world improved technological developments and advancements are constantly emerging and evolving. This opens up new opportunities and has a profound effect on the growing expectations of users. To help our customers keep updated with the demands of users, existing Parkeon equipment can now be upgraded as and when required, no matter how old or what configuration your installed machines are. This allows you introduce a number of innovative services to your users without having to purchase brand new machines, which will in turn lower your equipment and maintenance costs. Discover the Parkeon’s upgrade kits.


  1. New Keypads: A new “Pay by plate” keypad increases the users’ capacity to interact with the pay and display terminal. Users’ license plates may be indicated so that they can benefit from customised rates according to their uses.
  2. Colour Screens: Our T-PAL module will allow you to change the screen on your existing Strada or Stelio terminal into a wider, colour one. The colour screens will transform your existing parking terminals into multi-purpose sales and information channels. The new screens are user friendly, providing animated pictograms, which guide users through the process of accessing the services available.
  3. Additional Methods of Payment: You can upgrade your existing terminals to provide more parking payment methods, thereby giving your users more convenience and choice. We have available smart-card readers, a contactless antenna or a PIN pad so you can accept payment by bank or store cards.
  4. Add The Cloud Platform: Operators now have the option of migrating their existing Parkeon equipment to the cloud platform. The advantage of this upgrade is that it gives Operators the opportunity to remotely and easily roll out a comprehensive range of new services, these include; advertising to support local shops and businesses, local and dynamic information about events taking place in your town, weather forecasts, tourist information, etc.