New, innovative tool to help drivers promptly find a parking space

In some cases and at certain times of the day, finding a car parking space can be very difficult and very stressful for drivers.  The new, innovative ‘Find Me A Space’ APP has been developed by Parkeon to help drivers to locate an available car parking space more quickly either on or off street.  Thereby saving valuable time and energy aswel as reducing pollution and traffic volumes in city centres.


  1. Using relevant data our prediction model allows the parking capacity levels to be calculated at any given time of day.
  2. The application can be supplied free of charge to cities equipped with Parkeons’ “MyParkfolio” reporting tool
  3. The application prevents unnecessary traffic hold-ups and loss of time for shoppers, shopkeepers, buses and the city itself. It also reduces city congestion and pollution.
  4. Find Me A Space displays probability of finding available parking spaces in every street.
  5. This easy to use App guides drivers to an available parking space,helping them find a nearby car parking space quicker and easier