PAL Services – encourages rotation, short-stay parking and greater compliance with parking policies

Are you looking to provide free parking for a short time or ensure your residents visitors can park nearby?

Would you like to allow residents to find a parking space near to their home or reduce congestion in your town?

PAL Services provides you with this service, it relies on user identification to allocate preferential parking rights and rates adapted to each user profile


  1. What is PAL Free Time?: It allows operators to provide drivers with free parking for a short time. It encourages the rotation of your users without increasing rates. The service gives drivers free parking time – once or several times per day. To avoid abuse the identification is requested directly to the users
  2. What is PAL Residents?: It allows operators to make residential parking easier, by providing them access to with parking spaces closer to their home. The service applies a preferential parking rate to parking spaces close to residents homes. The Prepaid or post-paid PAL Card offers residents greater payment flexibility
  3. What is PAL Rotation? : It allows operators to provide a way of regulating parking in towns, thereby helping to reduce congestion. The service reduces the time drivers spend looking for a parking space and makes traffic more fluid – thereby reducing CO2 emissions
  4. What is PAL Visitors? : It allows operators to provide residents’ guests with affordable, accessible, nearby parking spaces. The service offers a preferential rate to your residents’ guests at certain times of the day and gives residents peace of mind