Canterbury has become the first district in the UK to introduce Parkeon mobile and ‘white-label’ website payment options alongside ParkREG automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) technology.

Canterbury City Council has adopted the Whoosh! MPP and a new Parkeon ‘white label’ parking payments website among a series of ‘ticketless’ initiatives to emerge from its new parking approach.

They have introduced the Whoosh! APP alongside ParkREG with barriers technology, rolling out the UK-first combination at its Castle Street multi-storey, Pound Lane, Middle Wall and William Street car parks. The technology provides visitors with a cashless and ticketless convenient way to pay for parking via APP, IVR and text. In addition, the council has unveiled a new ticketless parking website, customised with its branding, developed as a ‘white label’ solution by Parkeon.

The council’s new parking approach provides a much better experience for residents and visitors, making greater use of technology and providing easier ways to pay. It was the success of the ParkREG ANPR installation in Castle Street, which has been in place for some time, that influenced the decision to extend car park payment options beyond traditional terminal transactions.

The council’s Head of Safer Neighbourhoods, Doug Rattray, said: “Our aim is to provide the best possible parking experience across the Canterbury district by taking advantage of the latest technology. Through the cameras and barriers and innovative App and online payment systems, motorists will never need to interact with a parking terminal again if they don’t want to. It’s an ambitious project but we know we can make the trial with Parkeon work and we are looking forward to its successful implementation.”

The ParkREG solution integrates ANPR cameras and barriers on entry/exit lanes and supports the council’s strategy of investing in technology-driven parking control. The adoption of Whoosh! and the parking payments website provides motorists with a convenient, wider choice when paying for parking.

Customers are able to park and pay at their own convenience before returning to their cars – thereby avoiding possible queues at parking terminals – and then simply drive away as a result of transactions being automatically reconciled with the ANPR database.

The dedicated customer-branded parking payments website which customers can link to from enables residents and visitors to create accounts and pay online for parking before exiting. Pre-payment can also be made via the Whoosh! application. Residents and business permit holders have been automatically added to the system.