The experience of pay on foot parking customers is about to be transformed by Parkeon, the parking technology specialists, thanks to joined up thinking that’s creating a seamless cross-over between terminals and mobile payments.

In a UK first, Parkeon will be demonstrating at Parkex how its MPP app Whoosh! integrates with its Varioflex pay on foot system – enabling motorists to pay off-street parking charges remotely via their smartphones. The first application is due to be deployed shortly.

What this means is that motorists will take a ticket on arrival at the entry terminal, go shopping and then when they are about to return to their vehicles, call up their Whoosh! app, enter their ticket number and make a payment,” said David Lloyd, Parkeon Marketing Manager.

The transaction automatically confirms to the Varioflex database that payment has been made – and motorists then simply insert their ticket at the exit terminal without the need to visit the payment station.”