From buses to trains and ferries to trams…smart transport technologies developed by Parkeon are bringing the vision of smart cities to life.

Across the UK, around Europe and on the global stage, Parkeon is creating value for public transport operators and improving the customer experience through innovations in automatic fare collection and real-time data management. By integrating ticketing and journey validation with ID-based and smart, contactless payment systems, the company is helping cities plan for an increasingly urbanised future that will demand seamless multi-modal travel.
“Currently over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities – and we know that this will reach around 67% by 2030,” says Owen Griffith, Managing Director of Parkeon Transportation.
“Without proper planning, urban areas will become increasingly congested, more polluted and less able to function in ways that meet the needs of citizens. Key to ensuring that cities work socially and economically is the development of multi-modal transport systems that are easy to access and convenient to use.

“At Parkeon, our Smart Transport programme aims to leverage the benefits of innovations in areas such as open payments, multi-modal smartcards, apps and real-time data to support transport networks that create value for people, businesses and planners.”
Some of Parkeon’s recent technological developments point the way ahead.

  • Wayfarer6: Parkeon’s next generation driver console boasts a high performance 32 bit processor for fast transaction processing and printing, along with multi-format contactless capability, including EMV contactless bank cards and ITSO. The technology provides barcode reading capability, 4G connectivity, location-aware SatNav/route learning, and a touchscreen option. Additionally, it offers automatic destination updating, 2-way driver messaging, RTI and fleet management, along with sophisticated third party integration covering scheduling systems, vehicle telematics, voice radio systems, CCTV and passenger Wi-Fi.
  • Cloud-based back office: Parkeon has developed a cloud-based back office solution with the ability to transform connectivity between on-vehicle ticketing consoles and real-time data linked to fleet management, route adherence and customer information. Both the Wayfarer6 and Wayfarer200 communicate in real-time with the back office, enabling web-based reporting and system configuration.
  • Open payments: From Apple Pay and barcode reading to ITSO smartcards and contactless bank cards, Parkeon is at the forefront of open payment systems that offer efficiency for operators and convenience for consumers…all underpinned by banking protocols that ensure security in every area of transaction and reconciliation.
  • Mobile: Whether it’s passenger information, mobile payments or operational efficiency, Parkeon is working closely with public transport groups to provide mobile systems and apps that add value. Parkeon is a key technology partner for Arriva, equipping bus fleets with validation technology to meet the needs of ‘generation m’, while delivering the real-time information that feeds displays, apps and live web-based bus location tracking in Google Transit.


Wayfarer6 – Parkeon’s next generation driver console