We are pleased to announce that Astorg confirmed on 15 April 2016 its acquisition of a majority stake in Parkeon group, in partnership with Parkeon’s Management Team.

Astorg has an investment track record of 17 years as an independent fund management partnership. Since 1998, the organisation has concluded 33 transactions.

The Astorg portfolio companies all share the same qualities to remain leaders in their market – specialised and fast-growing. Beyond capital investments, Astorg works alongside businesses to finance their growth and their innovations. Astorg is one of the best European investors thanks to its performance.

The Management Team continues to be an important shareholder in the Group and will maintain the same strategy it has been following since 2011.

This agreement opens an exciting new chapter for the company, allowing us to accelerate and reinforce our strategy of innovation and internationalization to serve the increasing needs of municipalities all over the world to deal with congestion and pollution.

With Astorg’s strong track record in developing the companies it invests in, we are confident to take the business to a new level, whilst always remaining attentive to our clients.