Leading parking services provider Parkeon is introducing the global version of its Whoosh! mobile app into the UK.

Parkeon originally worked with a technology partner to launch Whoosh! in the UK four years ago, but from December 2016 onwards the company will be integrating its own proprietary Whoosh! app – which is in use around the world – into existing and new sites across Britain and Northern Ireland.

“Over the last few years, Parkeon has led the way in the integration of multiple end-user payment options across its on-and-off street parking solutions, implementing a strategy directly tied to consumer convenience and preference,” says Danny Hassett, UK Regional Director.

“Today, in addition to coin transactions, our solutions provide the ability to pay in more ways than ever before, including chip & pin, contactless, open payments (such as Apple Pay), online account-based ticketing and via a mobile solution.

“App transactions form an important part of the payments landscape – and with our own proprietary Whoosh! platform successfully operating across Europe, USA and Australasia, the time is right to unify our mobile strategy.”

Whoosh! will continue to provide the same level of system integration both on-and-off street, including at ANPR MiniPark and pay-on-foot Varioflex sites, and will be comprehensively supported by Parkeon from a technical support and customer service perspective.