Parking technology company Parkeon has launched a ‘white-label’ payments web portal as part of a concerted drive to place consumer choice at the heart of paying for parking.

The portal enables local authorities, scheme owners and operators to provide their customers with online billing and account-based transactions and has just gone live as part of a ticketless Parkeon MiniPark ANPR system roll-out for Canterbury City Council.

In addition, Parkeon is widening the reach of its Whoosh! mobile payment solution to include Varioflex pay-on-foot and, more widely, is equipping on-and-off street terminals with contactless and open payment options, including Apple Pay, alongside traditional cash and card options. All new terminals also include selectors for the new £1 coin.

These developments are designed to help operators make paying for parking as convenient as possible for motorists, while simultaneously optimising the efficiency benefits of cloud-based and contactless technologies.

“Consumers are increasingly comfortable with account-based transactions, whether paying for a public transport or buying music and video online, so why not for parking?” says Danny Hassett, UK Regional Parking Director at Parkeon.

“Our portal innovation means that instead of queuing at parking terminals, account holders can simply drive in, complete their business and drive out again. Vehicles details are then matched against account holders, and payments taken at predetermined intervals for the services used.”

Canterbury City Council has become the first customer in the UK to introduce Parkeon’s ‘white-label’ payments website, branded with its own identity, as part of newly introduced ticketless ANPR solution. It means, for example, that patrons of the Marlowe Theatre registered with the portal can simply drive out of the nearby Pound Lane car park at the end of a performance without needing to queue at a terminal late at night.

At the same time, Parkeon is extending the reach of its Whoosh! mobile phone payment app from on-street applications to its Varioflex pay-on-foot, MiniPark ANPR with barriers and ParkREG ANPR without barriers schemes. For all these options, Parkeon delivers the necessary back-office management and secure online transaction capability.

“With our new portal, greater access to the Whoosh! app, mobile payments and integration of contactless systems combined with conventional coin and card payments at our terminals, we’re giving operators more choice than ever before in how they meet the parking needs of their customers,” says Danny Hassett.