Horsham District Council is moving to terminal-based analytics to help develop and implement future parking strategies.

The local authority has installed 13 Parkeon Strada terminals within the town centre control zone, all which are linked to Parkeon’s centralised management information system. This not only enables machines to be monitored remotely but also means that council officers can collect and analyse data from each terminal to help determine future needs, rather than undertaking costly surveys.

The Parkeon pay & display terminals, along with the Parkfolio management system, were selected by Horsham for ease of access to information and for the networking functionality that facilitates timely case collection, fault logging and roll replacement – obviating the need for enforcement offers to check terminals daily. All this helps deliver a better service to visitors.

In particular, the ability of the solar-powered terminals to deliver data remotely to the Parkfolio management system was key in the decision-making process, since this would enable the council to analyse parking behaviours and trends over extended time periods and reduce survey costs.

A spokesperson for Horsham District Council commented: “This parking terminal technology meets our needs in terms of functionality and efficiency and will ultimately lead to a better customer experience. Additionally, the centralised management system will provide us with vital operational insight, enabling us more easily to shape our parking strategy in the future”.