Every day across the UK, automatic fare collection and real-time data management systems developed by Parkeon are helping bus operators meet the needs of millions of their customers.

From vehicle hardware innovations and mobile platforms to cloud-based back office support and open payments systems, Parkeon is creating value for public transport operators while simultaneously improving the passenger experience.

Now the company is helping bus operators prepare to reap the benefits of the contactless payment revolution, with the UK Cards Association confirming that more than 60m debit cards with ‘contactless’ capability are now in circulation.

Parkeon is set to play a key role as the UK’s leading ticketing technology partner for the bus sector in rolling out systems which will help deliver the industry’s vision of contactless travel across the board by 2022.

“Contactless technology not only makes travel more convenient for customers, it also opens up significant operational and marketing opportunities for bus operators,” says Gavin Trimnell, Parkeon’s Head of Sales and Marketing.

“Data collected by contactless payment methods will be extremely valuable to operators in creating a product portfolio that is more customer and retail-focused. It opens up opportunities for bus companies to optimise their investment in ticketing and real-time data management by responding more quickly to market trends.”

The company’s contactless expertise is already being deployed in multi-modal automatic fare collection systems in Australia and Helsinki – and closer to home in London, where Parkeon developed and now maintains TfL’s on-bus driver consoles. In addition, contactless will be a key feature of a contract won by Parkeon to deliver a new generation ticketing solution in Northern Ireland – and it has also supported Transdev Blazefield in the roll-out of the country’s first contactless transport scheme outside of London.

One of Parkeon’s most significant developments is CloudFare® – a roadmap that enables operators of every size to move easily from cash, ITSO and commercial smart card transactions to EMV contactless, mobile payments, account-based ticketing and smart device fare collection.

“Moving into the contactless era does present operators with challenges, but CloudFare® provides a clear pathway to the future, harnessing investment in hardware, data transfer systems and back office security to deliver a future-proofed return on open payments investment,” says Gavin Trimnell.

“We only have to look around us to realise that contactless payment systems are growing rapidly in virtually every area of daily life, including retail and fast food outlets. Going contactless on buses and across the entire public transport spectrum will increase operator efficiency, lower costs, speed up boarding times, attract more customers and transform their experience.”