New £1 2016 obv


Following the announcement by the Government that the new £1 coin will enter circulation in March 2017, leading parking technology provider Parkeon has confirmed that all equipment orders received from today (April 1, 2016) will incorporate new £1 coin selectors in readiness for the release.

Parkeon has been involved with both the Treasury and The Royal Mint throughout the consultation process since the Government’s initial announcement in 2014 that the current £1 coin would be replaced after 33 years. Parkeon has already completed a number of upgrades in anticipation of the new coin and has invested in a dedicated production department at its Bristol service centre.

Paul Wright, UK Parking Service Manager for Parkeon, commented: “Last year we began a pro-active communication programme to inform customers about the introduction of the new coin and have kept them updated as new information became available; this communication programme will continue throughout 2016.

Parkeon has been testing the new coins since the being of the year and is now actively upgrading customer equipment.”

The new coin is said to be the most secure ever released and the upgrade incorporates the re-programming of terminal coin acceptors, the installation of new software for P&D equipment and a new software configuration for off street systems.