• innovationVideo Assisted Retailing

    IRIS® enables rail passengers to talk directly to train operator customer service specialists via a video link built into the TVMs – receiving expert information and advice on journey planning and ticket purchase.

  • innovation

    Real Time Information & Fleet Management

    Our Real Time Information and Fleet Management solutions provide a vehicle-centric view for better operational management and schedule adherence monitoring, all facilitated through the Parkeon driver console.



  • innovation

    Contactless Banking Payments

    Contactless payments are now part of everyday life – all of our terminals are compatible with the latest EMV standards and in 2014, Parkeon processed over 300 million banking payments through our PCI-DSS managed data centre.


  • Our Solar Powered Solutions Are Environmentally Friendly

    innovation_solaireSolar power supply

    Since 1995, Parkeon has been committed to solar energy which has become the flagship power supply of its solutions.

    It is a natural, reliable, profitable and environmentally friendly choice.

  • NFC Technology Enables Faster Parking Transactions

    nfcNFC technology

    NFC (Near-Field Communication) is all about simpler, faster and more substantial interaction with the pay and display terminal.

    Whether accepting payment or exchanging information, Parkeon controls the NFC technology to enable faster transactions and a more varied use of its terminals.

  • Parkeon assesses the environmental impact of all of our solutions


    From the initial steps of the design phase, Parkeon assesses the environmental impact of its solutions.

    Using our own multi-criteria measurement tools, the R&D teams, supported by an ecodesign engineer, are able to closely examine the development process with a goal to limit any environmental impact throughout the product lifetime.

  • Touchscreens offer motorists a user-friendly interface


    Touch interaction technologies with a screen can now be found far and wide. Their tremendous flexibility in terms of configuration and use make them an ideal interface tool.

    That is why Parkeon offers touchscreens on its terminals to guarantee a user experience which is more convenient than ever and better integrated with everyday life.

  • Parking terminals are designed to be highly secure and resistant to vandalism

    securiteRobustness and security

    Their compact structure combined with a highly secure locking system means that Parkeon parking terminals are able to staunchly resist vandalism and acts of fraud.

    Resistance officially certified according to EN14450 concerning terminals.

  • Upgrade kits enable existing Parkeon equipment to be revitalised

    tpaloptionRetrofit kits

    Parkeon parking terminals are advanced and robust. But needs change fast…Parkeon’s innovation comprises a reconciliation between the durability of its terminals and advances in technology and uses. The result is the retrofit kit.

    By altering a minimum of elements, Parkeon can offer the opportunity to revitalise your pay and display terminals.

  • Provides a platform to provide additional services to end users

    ecran-couleurColour screens

    Colour makes all the difference. By fitting its terminals with colour screens, Parkeon can call on the power of images to create more accessible interfaces and optimised use scenarios.

    This ergonomic design is also open to new and more elaborate uses and services.

  • Parkeon's mobile phone parking payment solution


    Modern and innovative, Whoosh exploits the latest media to offer a customised and fast way to obtain a (virtual) parking ticket. Payments by mobile phone are an additional solution to on-street terminals.

    Together, they provide a parking payment experience suited to all profiles.

  • Improving mobility by providing parking terminals which can edit or top up transport tickets

    ParkandRide2Park & Ride

    Combining a number of modes of transport to get about is becoming more and more frequent. When the car is involved, the use of a parking terminal is a must, so why not make the most of the experience to prepare the onward journey?

    Parkeon is adding intermodality by offering parking terminals which are able to edit or top up transport tickets, thereby facilitating the user’s journey.

  • Provide hyperlocal information with Panavista

    KiosqueInfoAn information kiosk

    Following the “Hackez la Ville” contest, Parkeon has joined forces with Panavista to conduct field tests of a preliminary application of pay and display terminals as service kiosks.

    This involves providing hyperlocal information directly in the street.

  • Redefining the relationship between parking technology and retail


    In order to encourage citizens to rediscover their local shops and businesses, Parkeon is giving you the chance to generate flows of commercial information and discount vouchers together with your parking transactions.