• off street parking management
  • off street parking management
  • off street parking management
  • off street parking management
  • off street parking management


ANPR System without barriers

  • This off street parking management system is an ANPR without barriers system which requires no entry/exit barriers – reducing installation, maintenance and running costs
  • Ticketless parking system – more convenient for end-users
  • 3 simple ways to pay – motorists can pay via online account, payment machine or by mobile phone
  • Subscriber option available – drivers can simply enter and exit the car park unimpeded


ANPR (license plate recognition) car park system without barriers

ParkREG  is an off-street, ANPR parking solution.  It is an innovative, comprehensive car park management and revenue collection system. The parking system does not require entry/exit barriers, therefore the initial set-up, maintenance and running costs are much lower.

When a motorist enters into a ParkREG car park, its number plate is captured by a mono camera, whilst a full colour version photographs the actual vehicle. Both of these pictures are recorded by our parking management information system (Parkfolio).

At the end of their stay, before exiting the car park, motorists can choose to pay via online account, payment machine or by mobile phone

As the motorist exits the car park, cameras which are located at the car park exit, check the registration plate against payment information The system automatically automatically records the registration plate of any vehicle when a driver fails to pay for parking.  Drivers who haven’t paid for parking will be automatically issued with parking charge notices (PCNs) and subsequent documentation.


  • Ticketless, easy, flexible, convenient parking system
  • Multiple payment options – motorists can pay online, via parking terminal or by mobile phone
  • Parking terminals can be remotely managed
  • Parking tarriffs on payment terminals can be altered remotely
  • Remote compliance – exit cameras automatically record the number plate of any vehicle who has exited the car park without payment
  • System provides Operators with a comprehensive web-based parking management portal which can produce regular, detailed management reports


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  • Strada Touch Parking Terminal

    Integrates with our ParkREG parking solution. Features a 7" colour touchscreen for number plate entry. Accepts coin, card and contactless payments.

  • Whoosh! Mobile Parking Payment

    Whoosh! integrates with our ParkREG solution. Providing motorists with an additional, convenient, cashless way to pay for parking.

  • 'White label' parking payment website

    Online account - motorists can choose to pay for their parking online - our brand new 'white label' parking payment website can be branded to match the corporate identity of our clients.